Global Treasure Incorporated as a Delaware C Corporation has authorized 1 Billion Shares.

Product offering to retail dealerships:

1. 10,000 MP3 packages each containing 17 performances. $17.00/package X 10,000 = $170,000.00.

2. Account receivable financing 50-60 cents/dollar or $80,000.00/dealership

3. Dealerships can purchase GTI futures warrants for a fraction of $80,000.00

4. Dealerships amortize MP3 account receivable financing by purchasing futures.

5. Dealerships purchase futures with consumer sales at $1/performance

6. Seed financing needed to purchase futures create a road show with performances for investors.

7. Seed financing needed to market MP3s to dealerships and promote on Facebook /Twitter

8. Seed financing needed to structure better Reg D private placement offering and structure financing as follows

Round A: 200 million shares 25 cents/share

Round B: 200 million shares 50 cents/share

Round C: 200 million shares 85 cents/share